The TruVativ BB in the

The TruVativ BB in the Inbred kept coming loose so I’ve swapped it with the RaceFace one from the hardtail.
Hopefully this will solve the problem. If the TruVativ one continues to play up in the hardtail I’ll get
another RaceFace. At least RaceFace use a normal tool for fitting rather than the fucked-up XTR-style
method of the TruVativ.

I’ve swapped my Z4’s onto

I’ve swapped my Z4’s onto the Inbred in preparation for reducing them to 80mm travel. The sort of riding
I do on the Inbred doesn’t really require 100mm forks. The Z1’s have gone onto my geared hardtail. At
somepoint I will replace the frame of the hardtail. Current favourite appears to be a Surly Instigator.
Designed for 100-130mm forks, made of steel, and not too expensive (£325 less whatever discount I can

Went to visit my cousin

Went to visit my cousin a few days ago and we entered a local (to my cousin, not me) mountain bike
race. We were the only two riders on singlespeeds. The course was pretty much flat and a large
proportion was around fields, quite easy really, but still managed to provoke comments along the
line of “you rode a singlespeed around that!”. The new forks worked superbly, the bike
was an absolute blast to ride even if the course left a little to be desired.

Fitted the Z1’s today. The

Fitted the Z1’s today. The handling of the Inbred has gone from being super-quick to a lot more
laid back. Thats one of the downsides of going from slighty too-short rigid forks to 100mm
freeride-style forks. However it should be a lot more useful off-road. It’s only a five minute
job to switch forks so I can put the rigids back on for cruising around.

More bits for the Inbred

More bits for the Inbred have arrived. The bike now has a chaintug and a proper On-One seatclamp
to replace the heavy DMR one. Some new forks (Marzocchi X1 X-Fly) should arrive tomorrow and a
rear disk adaptor is meant to arrive at some point.

Why do computers decide to gang up on me. Within the space of an hour, three disks failed, two
of which were in the same RAID set. Plus the tape drive on the worst affected server decided to
die and all the tapes are unreadable. Fuck.

The rest of the parts

The rest of the parts for the Inbred arrived today. I finished building it and went for a ride
(to the pub and back) of about 10 miles. Wow is all I can say. This bike is fantastic. It just
looks as you and says “ride me, hard”. You can’t help but want to go faster and faster. I love
it to bits.

Link of the day TV Go Home.

Wheels for the Inbred are

Wheels for the Inbred are apparently being built today which means I should get them early next

Moronic idiot at work decided that they would reset all the file-level permissions on one of
their W2000 servers because they know better than I do. The fuckwit managed to lock the server
out of it’s own pagefile and other useful things. The rogering tosspost doesn’t even understand
what they did wrong. Death is too good for some people.