Hmm, not written much lately.

Hmm, not written much lately. Anyway, happy new year to all my readers (i.e. me).

Confession time. I’ve got a new bike. It’s got gears (shock, horror). Hence not so much singlespeed
riding lately. The new bike is a Cove Stiffee and it’s very nice. Probably nicer than the Inbred in a geared, hardtail, freeridey sort of way.

I also appear to have entered myself in this years RedBull 24hour race. Better start training then. I will, of course, be riding it on my singlespeed.

The Inbred has had a new crank arm (thanks Brant) after the previous problems with it falling off repeatedy. This, coupled with the junking of the TruVativ BB seems (so-far) to have cured the problem.