A replacement-replacement seatpost is on

A replacement-replacement seatpost is on it’s way to me, hopefully I’ll be able to ride the Inbred again soon.

Tonight is a Scout hike, and tomorrow morning is a Cub hike. Bad planning really putting them so close together, at least it’s some enforced exercise. Knowing my luck it will proceed to pour with rain from the moment I get back from the cub hike and therefore dampen my plans for cycling this weekend.

Anyway, the weekend officially starts in just over an hour.

Had three packages delivered today.

Had three packages delivered today. Normally this would make me happy. Today it didn’t.

Package no1: Some Marzocchi spares. This was a nice package. Nothing wrong with it really.

Package no2: A replacement for the incorrectly supplied Gore top I ordered a few weeks ago. They have again sent the wrong fucking size. How stupid can people be?

Package no3: A replacement for a seatpost that was (unwittingly) supplied incorrectly. Nearly 4 weeks after sending it back I get the replacement, and it’s the same (incorrect) size. Hopefully a correctly sized post will be dispatched tomorrow.

So, out of three packages, only one was correct. Not a good day.

However, from the contents of the one correct package I did manage to replace the rebound adjuster I broke on my Z1 Drop Offs a few days ago, and change the canti studs on my Z4’s for blanking bolts (I run disc brakes).