It was such a nice

It was such a nice night tonight I decided to cycle to Scouts rather than drive. I stuck the lights onto my trusty singlespeed and headed out.

It’s only a journey of 4 miles or so, but a nice route. Nip down onto the river and spin along towards town, cut up through the middle of town, out round the back and up onto the canal, spin along the canal for a few miles, hit the village, leave the canal behind and head up the hill to the Scout hut. Apart from the last 50-100 yards of climbing, it was a fantastic ride.

Coming back was even better. Drop down through the village to the canal, head back towards town, try to avoid the large number of suicidal rabbits on the tow path, spin along under the bridges, climb up to reach the Mercedes garage and drop down the road to the right and scoot through town racing the cars and busses, then back along the main road to home. 20 minutes of pure freedom. All days should end like this

Bikes are ace aren’t they?

A nice sunny afternoon today

A nice sunny afternoon today for a change. Shame I can’t ride though. I’ve just been to the opticians for an annual checkup, this involves squirting funny dye into my eyes to see if I’m damaging them by wearing my contact lenses. This means I can’t put lenses back in until tomorrow, and I can’t ride in my normal glasses. Shame really as I quite fancy a short blast on the road bike. Red Bull is getting ever closer, and I haven’t ridden properly for several weeks. They biggest problem is that the weather has been so crap lately, I can’t muster up enough enthusiasm to go riding after work when it is so wet.

Popped into the LBS whilst I was in town, picked up a new Park chain tool and some new Endura 3/4 length bib shorts, possibly the best shorts ever created and perfect for riding in the UK for at least 9 months of the year. Also left my Axo Cortez 2 shoes to be returned, one of them was coming apart after not very much use. Hopefully they will replace them for me.

Just returned from a weekend

Just returned from a weekend at Scout/Guide/Cub camp. It was wet, windy, and muddy. But mostly good fun.

The leaders from my group were running an activity involving cooking over open fires and other things. Good fun but tiring once you’ve had 120 kids over two days pass through.Mostly they made sour-dough bread and cooked sausages on sticks. We also cooked a whole fresh river salmon over an open fire by wrapping it in wet newspaper. Damn nice.

Whilst I was away, a new set of bike lights arrived. These are the same as the ones I’ve already got and should give me enough burn-time to survive Red Bull.

In other news, I’m now an uncle.