Went away to Oxford for

Went away to Oxford for a few days to a friends wedding. Ate and drank too much, and had a very good weekend. Came back Sunday morning and went straight back out to my Grandmother’s 80th birthday “party”. She took all of the family out to lunch. Ate too much (again).

Today, after procastinating for several hours and being nagged by a grumpy scotsman, I finally dragged myself out on the Stiffee for a 90 minute blast. Went out on my usual route which starts off with a few miles of climing on the road, then hits the singletrack, most of which is “illegal” so best keep it quiet. Had an argument with a tree and lost, I got caught up in it and yanked backwards and sideways off the bike, wrenched my shoulder and jaw for some reason. Later on I deviated from the usual route and found some new super-sweet singletrack. Chose to walk part of it as it was a tad steep and I wasn’t sure where it would go, but damn good fun all the same. Ended up with a quick blast along the canal and back through town.

Bikes are great aren’t they?

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