The good weather finished Friday

The good weather finished Friday afternoon, making way for torrential rain, thunder, and lightning.

Quietish weekend. Was meant to be sorting the garden out, but the weather conspired against me. Fiddled with the bikes a bit. Ended up cleaning the chainring/bash-guard on the Inbred, trued the front wheel on the Stiffee, and went for a quick play on the Jack Flash.

Red Bull is getting closer, provided it’s not too wet I hope to get out on the roadbike a few nights each week. Unfortunately it doesn’t look too promising for this coming week, and the local Scout/Guide camp takes over my life from Thursday night (and probably Wednesday as well).

Rumour has is that the latest installment of depravity known as The Outcast will be landing on people doorsteps shortly. It’s been a long time coming.

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