It was such a nice

It was such a nice night tonight I decided to cycle to Scouts rather than drive. I stuck the lights onto my trusty singlespeed and headed out.

It’s only a journey of 4 miles or so, but a nice route. Nip down onto the river and spin along towards town, cut up through the middle of town, out round the back and up onto the canal, spin along the canal for a few miles, hit the village, leave the canal behind and head up the hill to the Scout hut. Apart from the last 50-100 yards of climbing, it was a fantastic ride.

Coming back was even better. Drop down through the village to the canal, head back towards town, try to avoid the large number of suicidal rabbits on the tow path, spin along under the bridges, climb up to reach the Mercedes garage and drop down the road to the right and scoot through town racing the cars and busses, then back along the main road to home. 20 minutes of pure freedom. All days should end like this

Bikes are ace aren’t they?

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