Our Red Bull lap times.

Our Red Bull lap times.

Team: Clearley Underperforming Narcoleptic Tossers
Final Postion: 185
Laps: 20
Total Time: 24:34:53

Colin 01:02:42 (Including run at the start)
DaveH 01:04:16
Timmy 00:54:37
Rich 01:13:31
Colin 00:57:02
DaveH 01:05:35
Timmy 00:56:26
Rich 01:20:34 (Dusk lap)
Colin 01:07:37
DaveH 01:20:38
Colin 01:18:03
Timmy 01:15:09
Rich 01:34:36 (Long changeover, dawn lap)
Colin 01:05:15
Timmy 01:13:11
DaveH 01:42:29 (slow changeover in campsite)
Colin 01:14:01
Timmy 01:07:57
Colin 01:17:43
Colin 01:43:31

Laps per rider. Colin 8, Timmy 5, DaveH 4, Rich 3.

Didn’t get too far on

Didn’t get too far on the Jack Flash, only rode for about 45 minutes. The chain-device decided it didn’t like being fixed in place and started rotating around the bottom bracket shell so I cut the ride short and headed home. I’ve now refitted the chain-device and hopefully it will stay in place a bit better now.

Went for a quick potter

Went for a quick potter on the Inbred today, mainly to check out the saddle (Oktavia Genuine Gel from the Stiffee), and the cleat position on my Axo shoes.

After that I watched the last hour or so of the Le Mans 24 hour race, then visited my grandmother in hospital.

I’ve just dug the Jack Flash out, once I finish my mug of tea I’m going to go for a potter around on the Jack Flash for a bit of fun.