Everybody hurts

Well I do anyway.

Went riding this lunchtime with a cow-orker. Did our usual lunchtime route except half of the first descent into North Stoke now had 6ft high thistles one side, and 6ft high nettles and thistles the other. My arms and legs are now ripped and stung to shreads and streaked with blood. They hurt, a lot.

Comedy crash of the ride was when we swung of the cycle track on the way back. I shouted “right” and swung across to the right, to find that the other rider was a lot lot closer to me than I realised. After he picked himself up from his unexpected rider-ground interaction, he luckily wasn’t too badly hurt.

A damn good ride, but far too painful.

Back to work today. A

Back to work today. A bit of a come-down from the weekends activities. I spent an hour or so this evening repairing the Jack Flash. I fitted an old short-cage DX rear mech, a new gear cable, and re-lubed the bearings in the rollers on the chain-device. The mech is still a bit stiff, I might swap it for a road mech. Other than that, the bikes seem to have survived the weekends activites intact. I fell in love with the Jack Flash this weekend, on the slalom course it was absolutely fantastic. The problem is I now have an urge to fit 24″ wheels and disc brakes to it. A bike that was intended to be a cheap hack bike built from spare parts is about to make a hefty dent in my wallet.

A reasonably quiet week so

A reasonably quiet week so far.

Helped out at cubs last night, we took them to the Zany Zone at the sportcentre and let them burn off excess energy for an hour, they seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards two of us went to the pub for burger, chips and a pint. Not very healthy, but very nice. This was the second meal out in three days as we had had a chinese take-away on Sunday night.

The front brake on the Stiffee was feeling a little wierd, I think it had picked up a spot of oil on one part of the rotor, I’ve given it a good cleaning with meths which should help. No word from LBS on the replacement parts from Hope yet.

This weekend is the “core” weekend, so I’ve been starting to dig stuff out to take with me. I’ve got plenty of alcohol, just need to get some food.

A reasonably quiet weekend. I

A reasonably quiet weekend. I defrosted the freezer, went shopping, then on Sunday helped the Scouts who were running a few stalls at the fete at the local (to the scouts) old peoples home. This involved us leaders sitting on the grass in the sunshine for a few hours working on the tan. Very relaxing and yet quite tiring at the same time.

I also fettled the disk brakes on the Stiffee to try and quieten the rear on, and also tried to stop the brake fluid seeping out of the levers. There should be a replacement diaphragm on the way to try to cure the front lever.