A reasonably quiet week so

A reasonably quiet week so far.

Helped out at cubs last night, we took them to the Zany Zone at the sportcentre and let them burn off excess energy for an hour, they seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards two of us went to the pub for burger, chips and a pint. Not very healthy, but very nice. This was the second meal out in three days as we had had a chinese take-away on Sunday night.

The front brake on the Stiffee was feeling a little wierd, I think it had picked up a spot of oil on one part of the rotor, I’ve given it a good cleaning with meths which should help. No word from LBS on the replacement parts from Hope yet.

This weekend is the “core” weekend, so I’ve been starting to dig stuff out to take with me. I’ve got plenty of alcohol, just need to get some food.

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