Hmm, not written much lately,

Hmm, not written much lately, time to catch up.

Got a new 4man vis-a-vis dome tent in the sale at Outdoors Ltd and put it up to test it out. Seems very good for the money.

Got another pair of Supertankers from Ground Effect and got stung for £9 duty by customs, the bastards.

Did a walking quiz round Bath via a few pubs and went for a very nice curry afterwards. We didn’t win, but then again we didn’t come last which was nice.

Went to Ikea and got a few random things for the kitchen and house.

Ordered some new disc capable rigid forks for the Inbred. This should make it the ultimate no-maintenance winter bike. Fully rigid, hydraulic disc brakes, singlespeed drivetrain. Lovely.

Having a BBQ tomorrow with various family people. Hopefully the weather will hold out.

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