Fitted the Knifen’s to the

Fitted the Knifen’s to the Inbred tonight. Unfortunately I had to go back to a 160mm front disc rotor as the the adaptor I was using doesn’t fit cleanly on the forks. 10 minutes with a Dremel would probably solve the problem except for the slight hitch that I don’t have a Dremel to use. I stuck the caliper onto the new forks with exactly the same washers as I had been using with the Z4/185mm setup and it works almost perfectly. There was a small amount of rubbing, but it seems to have bedded in a bit and cured that now.

The bike feels really wierd to ride at the moment because the front end is now 80mm lower than before, it does mean that the steering is super quick though. Not sure if I’ll take it for tomorrows lunchtime ride though, probably stick with the Stiffee and it’s 5″ travel forks.

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