Sodding typical

A couple of days ago I went to take the cranks off the Stiffee so I could adjust the chainline, only when I took the crank bolts out I couldn’t find my Shimano tophat adaptor which allows you to use a normal crank extractor with a splined BB. So off I went to Chain Reaction to buy a replacement. In fact I bought two as they were cheap, along with a Shimano BB extractor. The parts duly arrived this morning and I’ve just got around to altering the chainline. All goes smoothly and I go to put away my tools. I put the new adaptor safely away where I can’t lose it, and promptly find the original one. Now I have three of the sodding things of various styles, and I bet I won’t be able to find any of them next time I need one.

No riding today, the weather was dull and grey for most of the day and I had enough of a hangover to just vegitate in front of the TV catching up on programs TiVo had recorded for me during the week.

Last night was spent recoding some of my PHP with help from Matt to cope with the change to register_globals=off in the latest version. I realised I’d originally done it all in an immensely stupid way, and have now turned most of my code fragments which were in seperate files, into functions all contained in one file. It should in theory make everything much easier.

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