Summer seems to have returned

Summer seems to have returned today, and with it my enthusiasm.

After work I rode home, read some emails, got changed and went out on the Stiffee. The sun was shining, it was nice and peaceful and was just a wonderful ride. Once I was off the main road I hardly saw anyone else, I just pottered along at my own pace. I tried the new bit of singletrack behind the university again. Last time I tried it it was a bit wet under-tyre and quite slippery. Things were better today although still slippery in places. Not much light gets in through the trees which leaves things a little damp and makes it tricky to ride with sunglasses on. Moss covered rocks and worn-smooth roots can still catch you out.

I came back along the canal and through town. The ride took me about 90 minutes, quite slow but I was out to enjoy myself not sprint round the loop.

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