What a wonderful weekend

And no bikes were involved at all.

Friday morning I got an email suggesting we went away for the weekend to try out the new tent. We had a prior commitment that evening with a BBQ at my parents but decided we would go early Saturday morning. The question remained as to where we would go though. I suggested we went via BCH Camping in Trowbridge so I could get a few things first, so the suggestion was we would head to the New Forest.

9am Saturday morning came and we headed out. We stopped off in BCH Camping where I picked up a first aid kit and a camping table. The next stop was Ringwood for breakfast, we also picked up a Forestry Commission leaflet showing their campsites. The first one we went to was full, so we nipped around the corner to the next one and joined the back of the queue of cars. As we were waiting a man came out carrying a big sign saying “Camp site full” he walked down one side of the queue an the walking in front on my car and paused, our hearts sank. Then, luckily, he carried on walking and put the sign out at the back of the queue. We paid our £10 or so to camp and were told to pitch the tent where we liked. We found a suitable space and set the tent up.

We had a walk planned for the afternoon, so after a diversion to pick up some food for dinner we parked the car. The walk was meant to take 2.5 hours or so, with extra time for viewing the wildlife, and there was a promise of a pub halfway round. We got to the pub via a slightly non-standard route, only to find that it wasn’t open in the afternoons which was annoying. We walked back, pausing to try and identify the type of deer which was grazing (Roe and Red in different places). We trundled back to the campsite and had BBQ’d spicy lamb kebabs and venison burgers for dinner. We ended up turning in for bed at the rather early time of 10:15, but both of us were exhausted.

Sunday morning dawned, first with glorious sunshine and then a small shower of rain. Breakfast was BBQ’d sausages, some of which were more edible than others. We broke camp and headed down to Sway. Sway was where I had helped out at several Cub pack holidays many years ago. We stopped off to buy some bread, ham, and cheese for lunch and had a wander round. The hall we used to stay in didn’t appear to have changed much. We drove up the road and stopped off at the first set of woods, the home of many a widegame and bivouac building session. We walked through and round the woods for an hour or so then went up the road to another wood for another walk. This took us 80 minutes or so, and we sat on the field at the edge of the carpark to eat our lunch.

Next stop was the coast. We drove down and found ourselves at Barton on Sea. We walked along the beach, then had a paddle along the water. A mad scramble up the cliff, and a walk back along the top saw us at the ice-cream shop. A particularly wonderful Vanilla and Choc-Chip was the order of the day. Unfortunatley this drew to a close a fantastic weekend. All we were left with was a drive home, and in my case, sunburnt shoulders and forehead. We rounded of the weekend with a takeaway Chinese eaten in the garden. Why can’t all weekends be like this? Spontaneous, virtually unplanned, and very relaxing.

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