Had a visit from the

Had a visit from the police tonight who decided to object to me parking my car on the pavement outside. Can’t blame them really, except that this is the first complaint in 6.5 years.

Still no sign of my new DVD player, or any response from the supplier (who shall remain nameless for the moment). Might have to set the credit-card company and Trading Standards onto them at this rate.

I don’t like Mondays

In particular, this Monday.

So I arrive at work at about 8:45, nice and relaxed from my holiday, and work through a few emails. Then the phone rings, one of the mailservers is down. I wander across site to give it a gentle kicking only to find that the second air-con in the server room had switched itself off, this wouldn’t normally be a problem apart from the fact that the main air-con unit had died about 6 weeks ago and is still awaiting repair.

As a result of this, the mailserver had shut itself down. Now it’s reporting a VRM failure so one of the two processors won’t work, and I don’t want to bring it back into operation until IBM have said that this won’t cause even more problems.

Why me?

As you may or may

As you may or may not be aware, I’m a bit of a home cinema addict. I’d been a bit dissapointed recently with my front speaker setup, the center channel was a bit “thin” and the sub was a bit boomy and felt disjointed from the main speakers. A week or so back I added an additional matching center speaker wired in parallel to improve things a bit. This seemed to help quite a lot, the center channel now sounds a more forthcoming. The sub however was still a problem.

During a quiet hour today I set about tweaking things. This was partly inspired by reading some threads over on A V Forums about speaker setup. First off I told my amp that my front speakers were “small” instead of “large”, this redirects some of the bass from the main speakers to the sub, I left the crossover point at the default 120Hz. Then I turned my attentions to the sub itself. It turns out that I’d managed to mess up the subs own setting for the crossover point, I’d set it at 50Hz instead of 150Hz, this meant (as far as I can tell), that there would have been a hole in the frequency response of the front speakers where the sub was effectively ignoring anything above 50Hz. I set that to 150Hz and things improved immediately. I also lowered the volume on the sub which also improved things dramatically.

The final result was a much more cohesive sound from the front speakers. Most of the calibration was done whilst listening to the new Half Man Half Biscuit album mentioned elsewhere. I can now listen to CD’s using the sub as well as the main front speakers and the sound is far improved. Before the adjustments I bypassed the sub.

To test this all out in full 5.1 mode, I decided to give everything a full workout by watching Fight Club on DVD, the end result was fantastic.

More info on my current home cinema setup is over on dynamite.org for the curious or terminally bored.

Found a nice little cove where nobody else goes Took a trip round the Caves of Drac and said “it’s good to explore the more cultural aspects”

Just back from a short 4-night trip to Mallorca. The weather was varied, two days overcast, two days hot and sunny. The beer and red wine flowed freely, and the food was excellent. We didn’t do much, a bit of walking, a vist to the Caves of Drac, a bit of sunbathing, and lots of relaxing. Shame it came to an end really.

Finished playing with PHP and

Finished playing with PHP and stuff for the night. More of less managed to sort out what I set out to achive. Cursed IE for a while as it sees fit to add both vertical and horizontal scroll-bars when just a vertical scroll-bar will suffice. Mozilla does “the right thing”.

Now sat watching Law & Order on Sky One via TiVo, and finishing off a bottle of red wine.

Must remember to pick up a copy of The Sunday Times tomorrow for the free Elvis Costello CD and article.

A quietish day today. Had

A quietish day today. Had to get up early to drive to the back of Bristol and back again, then had a wander round town. I popped into the LBS and admired the Cove Hummer hanging on the wall. Wandered home again and spent an hour or so stretching a piercing from 4mm to 5mm. Took a while but got there in the end. A bit sore now though.

Currently I’m sat on the sofa with a drink watching The Man Who Wasn’t There on DVD. It’s a B&W film, but it was actually filmed on colour stock and processed in B&W. The R3 DVD I have (about