A quiet weekend. Didn’t do

A quiet weekend. Didn’t do anything of note yesterday. Spent a short while reducing the travel on my Fox Forx this afternoon to 105mm, the instruction manual is quite good, but you need to improvise a bit to take the forks apart properly. I’ve documented the tweaks elsewhere on this site.

Once I’d manage to sort the forks out it was off out into the afternoon sunshine for a ride. I did the usual Uni route although I spent a little while exploring at the Uni whilst the students are away. Played about on a few flights of steps, which was fun, then carried on through the woods. Dropped down on to the canal for the trip home and made the mistake of going a bit further along than normal. Ended up getting stuck when a pair of idiotic public-school faux-hippies with far more children than normal decided to amble along the middle of the path, they were already holding up a cyclist and two walkers who were behind them. The kids were walking all over the place and getting in the way. The “father” just ignored them and stood in the middle of the path whilst the “mother” shouted “Jupiter, are you even looking where you are going?”. The fact they named one of their children Jupiter just about sums them up, how much will that child get ridiculed as he grows up? As I squeezed my way past one of the children was singing/screaming and the “mother” looked at nobody in particular and announced “I swear to god I’m going to buy some earplugs”. If the way you deal with your noisey children is to buy earplugs you shouldn’t be allowed to have children and should be forcebly steralised and your children should be taken away and put in the care of someone who will bring them up properly. Rant over.

Apart from that interlude it was a great ride.

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