A nice relaxing day today.

A nice relaxing day today. I had the day off work, but spent it sort of working in my LBS fixing their till in exchange for credit. They have some nice bike porn now. Cove Hummer, DeKerf UK Ltd, Santa Cruz Superlight, Klein Palomino, Lemond Cyclo-Cross bike, and plenty of Rocky Mountain and Cannondale bikes. I managed not to spend any money, but mentally lined up £130 of shopping.

I’m off to Bristol tomorrow to get pierced again. It’s gonna hurt like hell. More tomorrow.

An interesting few days. I’ve

An interesting few days. I’ve been on a LEO course for three days. Nice and relaxing, and hopefully useful.

I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion with Pioneer technical support over a widescreen switching issue with my DV-747A. The latest response stated that the player doesn’t support NTSC, this is despite the fact that the box it comes in states that it does, and they actually advertise it as supporting NTSC. Muppets.

Also, Singletrack “rigged” their awards categories when some people complained about one of the nominees. You can find more details in two seperate threads Singletrack Mountain Bike Awards 2002 – The Nominees and Singletrack Awards – A New Category. Needless to say, I have been quote vocal in my disapproval of this, the posts from “rich” in the latter thread are mine. Am I over-reacting? Probably. Should they have succumbed to pressure and “rigged” the votes? No way. They have shown (IMO) their willingness to be swayed by outside influences and I have no trust in anything they write any more.

Why does it always rain on me?

The weather is seriously hindering my riding plans. It seems to have a cunning ability to be nice and dry when I can’t ride due to other commitments, and cold, wet, and windy when I would otherwise be free to ride.

The last two weekends have been like this. Saturday I’ve had other things to do, and it’s been lovely weather. Sunday I’ve been free to ride, and it’s been monsoon season. At least it gave me plenty of time this weekend to play with my new DVD player.

Well, my Pioneer DV-747A and

Well, my Pioneer DV-747A and QED Squart AV21 lead arrived today. They were dispatched via City Link for delivery before noon. City Link promptly managed to arrive at 12:30. Hopefully this means that they will refund the delivery costs.

After letting the player warm up a bit, I connected it all up. The QED Squart was a tight fit into the player, and typically had the cable coming out of the wrong side of the connectors for the way I have my player and TV placed. There were also 8 analog connections to sort out, along with the coaxial digital.

Once this was done, I powered it up and set it up correctly for my equipment (widescreen TV, DD5.1/DTS Amp etc). I popped in my current favourite test DVD which is Monsters Inc, and sat back to watch.

All I’ll say is WOW!!!!

It’s such an improvement over my old Samsung DVD-709, which isn’t entirely surprising given that the new player is 3 years newer, and over 3 times the price. The improvement in picture quality is almost as noticable as when going from VHS to DVD originally.

The sound also appears vastly improved, but then to be fair, I’ve properly calibrated my speakers since I last watched a DVD properly, so that won’t be entirely down to the new player.

I’m off in a hour or so to pick up a new center speaker, so there will be more extensive testing later on.

New Toys

New toys are great aren’t they? Even when they have nothing to do with bikes.

In my non-cycling persona, I’m a bit of a home-cinema geek. My new high-end Pioneer DV-747A DVD player should arrive tomorrow, and I’m also due to pick up a second-hand Mission M7C1 dedicated center speaker to replace my current Mission 70 one. Also this week, I’ve fitted new banana plugs to most of my speaker cable, and bought myself a SPL meter to allow me to balance my speaker output levels properly.

I’m now off to the Police station for the evening. I’ve not been arrested (yet), we’ve got a skittles match there.

World Championships

The Singlespeed World Championships were held yesterday. Apparently Travis Brown is the mens champion, and Stella Carey is the womens champion. Both were former World Champions (Travis in 1999, Stella in 2000).

To mark their win, this year both champions were branded instead of getting the usual tattoo.

More details at http://www.singletrackworld.com/article.php?sid=736&mode=nested&order=0