I was riding home from

I was riding home from work this afternoon, when I was nearly flattened by some idiot driver.

It’s a bit of road with two lanes in the direction I was heading. I was heading down the clear right-hand lane, spinning like a nutter on the Inbred when some idiot in the left hand lane decided it was time to change lanes. Without inicating. When I was about 3ft behind him in the lane he was moving into, and I was going twice as fast as him.

Despite a van driver who was stationary in the other lane leaning on his horn, and me banging violently on the rear window of the car, the driver didn’t even notice or slow down.

People like this don’t deserve to live. I should have beaten some sense into him there and then, shame I didn’t have time really. Luckily for him I’m unlikely to ever recognise him which saves him from the savage beating he deserves.

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