Well, my Pioneer DV-747A and

Well, my Pioneer DV-747A and QED Squart AV21 lead arrived today. They were dispatched via City Link for delivery before noon. City Link promptly managed to arrive at 12:30. Hopefully this means that they will refund the delivery costs.

After letting the player warm up a bit, I connected it all up. The QED Squart was a tight fit into the player, and typically had the cable coming out of the wrong side of the connectors for the way I have my player and TV placed. There were also 8 analog connections to sort out, along with the coaxial digital.

Once this was done, I powered it up and set it up correctly for my equipment (widescreen TV, DD5.1/DTS Amp etc). I popped in my current favourite test DVD which is Monsters Inc, and sat back to watch.

All I’ll say is WOW!!!!

It’s such an improvement over my old Samsung DVD-709, which isn’t entirely surprising given that the new player is 3 years newer, and over 3 times the price. The improvement in picture quality is almost as noticable as when going from VHS to DVD originally.

The sound also appears vastly improved, but then to be fair, I’ve properly calibrated my speakers since I last watched a DVD properly, so that won’t be entirely down to the new player.

I’m off in a hour or so to pick up a new center speaker, so there will be more extensive testing later on.

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