An interesting few days. I’ve

An interesting few days. I’ve been on a LEO course for three days. Nice and relaxing, and hopefully useful.

I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion with Pioneer technical support over a widescreen switching issue with my DV-747A. The latest response stated that the player doesn’t support NTSC, this is despite the fact that the box it comes in states that it does, and they actually advertise it as supporting NTSC. Muppets.

Also, Singletrack “rigged” their awards categories when some people complained about one of the nominees. You can find more details in two seperate threads Singletrack Mountain Bike Awards 2002 – The Nominees and Singletrack Awards – A New Category. Needless to say, I have been quote vocal in my disapproval of this, the posts from “rich” in the latter thread are mine. Am I over-reacting? Probably. Should they have succumbed to pressure and “rigged” the votes? No way. They have shown (IMO) their willingness to be swayed by outside influences and I have no trust in anything they write any more.

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