I had a nice letter

I had a nice letter from a bank today. I maintain bank accounts for a local association, and we have two accounts with this bank.

The letter states that they are pleased to inform me that as of 30th Dec, I will have unlimited use of their standard banking services – free of charge, and in exchange for this, they won’t pay me the nominal rate of interest I currently receive. Except we never incurred any banking charges anyway, so we gain nothing, and lose out on the interest they currently pay us. Er, thanks for nothing.

Remote Control

I bought a second-hand Philips Pronto RU940 programmable remote control this week. It arrived rather early this morning, and once my hangover had cleared enough for me to think straight, I spent a good few hours customising it. Currently it operates virtually all of my hi-fi/AV kit. Once I’ve played around with it for a few weeks, I’ll be in a position to improve the configuration a bit more.

First impressions are “why the hell did it take me so long to buy one of these?”

A quiet day today. Went

A quiet day today. Went to work early (7am) to sort out the eSMTP migration of our mailservers. That all went very smoothly. Fettled things for the rest of the day then headed home.

Once home I eventually tracked down a delivery of speaker cable, they ignored my instructions and delivered to someone else, who then passed it on to someone different. It got here eventually though, so I spent a while stripping cable and fitting banana-plugs, then running one of the cables under the floor. After that, I put away all the wine from Monday, 17 cases of it. I now have a sore back.

Went on a booze-cruise to

Went on a booze-cruise to France yesterday. Everything was going very well. We arrived just in time to get on the Ferry, sailed across smoothly, headed down towards Boulogne and filled a trolley each at the first hypermarket (E Leclerc in Outrou), filled up with diesel and headed back up to the second hypermarket (Auchan in St Martin). I ended up with getting on for 100 bottles on wine, some port, some Pastis, and two bottles of nice Whisky, one Talisker, and one Dalwhinnie.

All was going well until about 11pm, when we came to a stop on the M4 between J17 and J16. We didn’t move again until 1:45am. I finally got home about 3am. Tonight I have the fun of unloading the wine.

A few suggestions

If you are all bunged up and full of snot, haven’t ridden a bike properly for ages, and have a hangover, try not to do the following.

decide to ride to work for a change.
when it’s a bit cold out
decide to ride the singlespeed
that’s the singlespeed with under-inflated Conti Vert Pro’s
race a bloke with gears at the bottom of the hill
realise he’s a bit faster than you, and you are even less fit than you thought
keep pushing so he doesn’t catch you
have to spin like a nutter to the top of the hill so that the ambulance bearing down on you doesn’t mow you down
realise the bloke on the geared bike is still behind you
have to ride like a posessed nutter all the way to the office so as not to lose face when he catches you.

If you do try this, you might find yourself coughing your guts up for about an hour like I am.

What a way to start the day.

Well, my new Mission M74

Well, my new Mission M74 speakers arrived yesterday. Wow! They sound fantastic. The only downside is I hurt my back carrying them (they are heavy).

Firefighters will be going on strike in 5 hours and 40 odd minutes. They turned down an 11% payrise over two years, I think this offer should be reduced by 1% for every day they are on strike. This would help cover some of the costs incurred by their selfishness.

More drastically, I think there should be emergency legislation brought in to make it legal to shoot striking firefighters, it would be more fun than sacking them all en-mass. Making it legal to shoot Andy Gilchrist would be a good start.

Apparently, firefighters will officially be

Apparently, firefighters will officially be going on strike from Wednesday. This is because they have rejected a pay offer of 11% over two years, instead of the 40% they wanted.

11%!! Lucky bastards! Thats about twice what I’ll get over the next two years. Bear in mind that inflation is running at about 2.3% at the moment, so that 11% works out at 6.5% above inflation. The 40% they wanted is quite frankly comical, and should be treated with the ridicule and contempt it deserves.

You want my view? Sack the lot of the workshy bastards. If they don’t want to do the work for an 11% payrise, someone else will. They knew what the pay was like when the took the job, and apparently there is no shortage of people wanting to do the job. There are something like 70 applicants for each vacancy at the moment. I have no sympathy for them at all.