Went shopping in the LBS

Went shopping in the LBS this morning. Got some rather nice Smith Buzzsaw sunglasses, they were missing the case and the two spare sets of lenses. If these can’t be found, replacements will be ordered next week. Also got a nice RaceFace winter Freeride vest. It’s a waterproof vest (not sure why), and although it’s classed as a winter one, it’s not too heavy and will be usable for the majority of the year.

Nipples are a bit bruised today. Sleeping wasn’t a problem, although that was probably helped by alcohol. I just have to be careful how I lie. Face down it a bit uncomfortable. Plenty of sea-salt soaks today to clean them up a bit.

Spider-Man arrived on DVD this morning. That’s this evening sorted I think.

Still crap weather, so the fact I’m a bit too sore to ride doesn’t really make much difference.

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