An interesting week so far.

An interesting week so far. Tensions at work have been running high, but I think we’ll survive. I’m hopefully working from home tomorrow anyway. Most of the problem is down to the usual NHS complaints of being under-staffed, under-resourced, and over-worked. Unfortunately that will never change as it is ingrained into the NHS. It’s a sad state of affairs really, but I’ve learnt to be able to “not care” once I’ve left the office. It’s the only way to cope really.

Anyway, onto nicer things. Hopefully my new Mission M74 speakers are on their way, as are the wall mounts for the Mission 70 speakers used as my rears. All I need then is some new speaker cable for the rears as the current cable is a bit short and not of particularly good quality.

My nipples seem to be healing well. They are still a bit sore, and could take 6 months or more to heal properly. I’m cleaning them regularly with salt-water and medicated soap, and it seems to be helping.

Yet again the weekends weather looks to be counterproductive to cycling. I guess it’ll be bike fettling time then.

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