Apparently, firefighters will officially be

Apparently, firefighters will officially be going on strike from Wednesday. This is because they have rejected a pay offer of 11% over two years, instead of the 40% they wanted.

11%!! Lucky bastards! Thats about twice what I’ll get over the next two years. Bear in mind that inflation is running at about 2.3% at the moment, so that 11% works out at 6.5% above inflation. The 40% they wanted is quite frankly comical, and should be treated with the ridicule and contempt it deserves.

You want my view? Sack the lot of the workshy bastards. If they don’t want to do the work for an 11% payrise, someone else will. They knew what the pay was like when the took the job, and apparently there is no shortage of people wanting to do the job. There are something like 70 applicants for each vacancy at the moment. I have no sympathy for them at all.

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