A few suggestions

If you are all bunged up and full of snot, haven’t ridden a bike properly for ages, and have a hangover, try not to do the following.

decide to ride to work for a change.
when it’s a bit cold out
decide to ride the singlespeed
that’s the singlespeed with under-inflated Conti Vert Pro’s
race a bloke with gears at the bottom of the hill
realise he’s a bit faster than you, and you are even less fit than you thought
keep pushing so he doesn’t catch you
have to spin like a nutter to the top of the hill so that the ambulance bearing down on you doesn’t mow you down
realise the bloke on the geared bike is still behind you
have to ride like a posessed nutter all the way to the office so as not to lose face when he catches you.

If you do try this, you might find yourself coughing your guts up for about an hour like I am.

What a way to start the day.

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