Went on a booze-cruise to

Went on a booze-cruise to France yesterday. Everything was going very well. We arrived just in time to get on the Ferry, sailed across smoothly, headed down towards Boulogne and filled a trolley each at the first hypermarket (E Leclerc in Outrou), filled up with diesel and headed back up to the second hypermarket (Auchan in St Martin). I ended up with getting on for 100 bottles on wine, some port, some Pastis, and two bottles of nice Whisky, one Talisker, and one Dalwhinnie.

All was going well until about 11pm, when we came to a stop on the M4 between J17 and J16. We didn’t move again until 1:45am. I finally got home about 3am. Tonight I have the fun of unloading the wine.

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