New Year looms ever faster,

New Year looms ever faster, we are off for dinner with my cousin and his wife for the evening. Should be nice and relaxed.

Had a busy day at work today upgrading our NT4 domain to Active Directory, after a minor hiccup (couldn’t initially upgrade the first domain controller), everything went reasonably smoothly. Well, apart from the testing being interrupted by our firealarms being set off and having to stand outside in the pouring rain. Guess who didn’t take a coat to work? Apparently, some wierdo set off our alarm, he then wandered around hurling abuse and shouting “A and E”, we sort of pointed him in the right direction, called Security and followed him. On his travels he visited Nuclear Medicine and demanded that they give him some Kryptonite. He ended up being held until the Police arrived at which point he was arrested and charged (apparently), with Criminal Damage and Breach of the Peace. Excitment over, we finished off the testing and wandered off home.

I got home to find a note that I had a parcel to collect. Unfortunatley it wasn’t the much needed freehub parts (they are really starting to take the piss now), but it was the Godfather DVD Collection. I may not be able to ride my Inbred (nearly 4 weeks now), but at least I have DVD’s to watch.

Well, christmas has come and

Well, christmas has come and gone (mostly), and I’m back to work tomorrow. We will be having christmas mk-II on Sunday when my brother returns with his wife and child, and we gather at my parents for another christmas dinner and the exchanging of more presents.

Talking of which, I had some nice presents for xmas, nothing specifically mtb related though. I did get some money that will shortly turn into a Velodyne CHT-15 subwoofer to annoy the neighbours.

It’s been unseasonably warm this last few days, I walked home just before midnight on christmas eve without needing a coat. Mad.

The BBC did another one

The BBC did another one of it’s Test The Nation thingies tonight, this one was based on the events of 2002. I am notoriously bad at current-affairs type stuff, so wasn’t surprised when I only managed 71%. The breakdown between categories was: news 87%, people 53%, entertainment 67%, sport 80% (how?), general knowledge 70%.

Well the working week has

Well the working week has ended. My cold is clearing up slowly, and christmas bears down upon us at a relentless pace, hopefully I’ll finish off my christmas shopping tomorrow.

The parts for the Inbred haven’t arrived yet, but with the state of the post service, I’m not surprised. What with everything else going on, I probably won’t get to ride it for a week or so anyway.

After several visits, Comet have now decided that they can sort out the wonky picture on my TV, they just need to get hold of the bits to do it. They have ordered them from Thomson, and in theory will call me when they have arrived. All being well I’ll soon be able to watch tv without leaning my head a few degrees to the left.

Tonight will probably see me watching Minority Report on DVD whilst enjoying an Old Speckled Hen or three.

Slightly less sick

I feel slightly better today, but then I did sleep until 11am this morning which probably helped. I can actually manage proper food now, and the large duvet in my head has been replaced with a pillow or two.

Watched Donnie Darko last night, now that is one wierd film. Very good, but weird. I’m sat watching it again at the moment and listening to the Director/lead actor commentry, which is (so far) quite interesting. The film is definitely worth a watch at some point if you get the chance.