Ride time

The last time I rode a bike for more than about 3 miles, was one month ago today. It’s time to rectify that, so I’m heading out on the cross bike for an hour or so to see how unfit I have become in the last month. I’ve managed to gain nearly an inch round my waist and don’t fit into my RaceFace trousers anymore, something I hope to sort out over the next month or so.

Quiet life

A quiet couple of days. Rode up to my parents to collect the car yesterday, nearly died on the way up the hill, took about 2 hours before I stopped feeling like I was about to throw up. Then went out to my brothers and spent a while setting up Ethan’s farm. Wandered home in the evening and watched a bit of TV and read quite a bit.

Today I headed to Sainsburys as I hadn’t got much food. Neither had they. Popped into the LBS to have a look at the sale, spent a whole £4 on two more inner tubes. The rest of the day has been spent lounging around, putting presents away, and finished off the book I was reading. Shame there is only one day left before I have to go back to work.

Another one bites the dust

Well thats another Christmas over and done with. I’ve just returned from doing the family thing, and am slumped in the armchair deliberating whether or not to go for a festive bike ride. I think that the bike ride may lose out to another bottle of wine, I’ll finish this mug of tea and think about it while listening to “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Christmas Carol”.

On other matters, happy first birthday to Sian Davison, although I doubt she’ll be able to read this anyway.