The new TV has just

The new TV has just been delivered. It was actually too big to fit through the front door whilst in it’s box, I had to get the assistance of a volunteer (well, volunteered by someone else), and unpack it before bringing it into the house. It’s now set up and installed, the picture geometry is far better than the Thomson was, and it has the ability to rotate the picture. All I need to do is to set the brightness/contrast/colour to more sensible levels.

In an attempt to use

In an attempt to use up my remaining 12 days leave before the end of March, I’m taking a nice long weekend. Hopefully my new TV will be delivered on Monday, which was the main reason for using it now. They took the money today but don’t appear to have dispatched it yet.

Today was the first time I’d commuted to work by bike since the beginning of December. This was down to the Inbred being off the road for 5 weeks with a broken freehub, and the weather being crap. I tend not to ride to work when it’s raining as I stay drier if I walk, and it doesn’t take that much longer. Ite felt wierd riding the Inbred with V brakes on it again. Maybe that front disk will come along sooner than I intended.