The postman delivered a nice

The postman delivered a nice new 38T chainring from 24seven today, so tomorrows job is to fettle bikes. Unless I stay in bed all day which is an appealing prospect at the moment. Apart from the fact I’d run out of food, I don’t have to leave the house until Monday evening unless I want to. I’ve got plenty of DVD’s to catch up on including 16-odd hours of The Prisoner, so it looks like it will be a nice relaxing weekend.

New bike parts are ace,

New bike parts are ace, even if they are “previously enjoyed”. I’ve just collected some fishbone 3-piece cranks, and a front E4 (minus the fluid). The cranks are to go onto the Jack Flash to replace the Deore ones, and the E4 is for the Inbred. I might also build up a mutant/singlespeed/commuting/hack bike to use up some of the pile of spares.

It must be the weather

Over the last few days three couples have announce that they’ve got engaged/are getting married, so congratulations (in no particular order) to Marc & Vicky, Julie & Dave, and Barbara & Jamie.

Everything seems to have survived the power outage, well everything I’ve checked so-far seems fine.

Hmm, there seems to have

Hmm, there seems to have been a power cut at home over lunchtime today, two of the computers don’t appear to have come back to life. Hopefully they just need a gentle kicking and it isn’t anything more terminal than that.

Hopefully I can go and collect a bag of bike parts tonight to give me something to fettle if I get bored.

We won our skittles match 5-2 in the end.