Still Tivo-less

Must chase them tomorrow to find out whats happening.

Had a busy day at work trying to tweak LDAP queries to ease our monthly reporting, then play skittles where we managed to win 5-1, then ordered a new RaceFace jacket from Chainreaction for commuting to save the wear and tear on my lightweight jacket caused by my Timbuk2.

NTL have announced a “cap” of 1GB per day on their broadband offerings. Some people are kicking up a real fuss over this, yet as far as I can work out, it’s difficult to manage to download 1GB or legal files per day, everyday. The only real way would be by using streaming audio all-day everyday. People have to realise that broadband is not a cheap way to get a leased-line, not at the sort of prices those users will pay anyway. If people insist on downloading large amounts of data day-in and day-out, then they need to be prepared to pay for it.

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