Am I Jinxed?

So far this year, I’ve had 3 TV’s and as of Friday, 3 Tivo’s.

The first TV was written off due to an unrepairable long-standing fault. The second was faulty when delivered, the third is fine at the moment.

The first TiVo died after 7 months use, the second was also faulty when delivered, I don’t hold much hope of the third being any better. Given that there are no new TiVo units being manufactured for the UK market, this doesn’t bode well for existing users getting working warranty replacements. I have a suspicion that we are now down to a core of faulty machines doing the rounds of warranty replacement. If the third unit also proves to be faulty I’ll be requesting a refund and getting Sky+. Sky+ is inferior to TiVo but has the distinct advantage at the moment of actually still being in production and therefore there is a readily available supply of replacement units.

TiVo’s future in the UK seems almost non-existant. Thomson stopped manufacturing units last year and there is still no sign of a new manufacturer. TiVo was never marketed properly and hence demand was never there really. Sky+ may be inferior, but at least it’s heavily pushed by Sky and therefore people acutually know it exists.

Sorry TiVo, you’ve lost the battle. Sky+ won. The war is over.

On a bike related note, all three proper bikes are in fully working order. The Jack Flash was fixed this afternoon by removing, cleaning, and refitting the non-drive side crank arm, which was creaking very badly.

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