I despair, I really do.

I despair, I really do.

Apparently the BPI are in the process of taking CD-Wow to court to stop them selling cheap imported CD’s in the UK.

Heres a hint for the BPI, if you cut off the supply of cheap CD’s, people will stop buying music and download more of it instead. At CD-Wow’s price of £8.99, I buy a reasonable number of CD’s, if that supply is cut off and I have to buy at local prices of £11.99 plus, I’ll buy very few if any and rely on downloading it.

When will the BPI (and the music industry in general) realise that they are doing themselves no favours with things like this? If you try to keep the price artifically high, people will have more of an incentive to avoid paying altogether.

More info over on The Register.

Full (rather dull) details at Court Service.

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