S’pose I ought to write

S’pose I ought to write something here. My mood has improved somewhat although is still temperamental and subject to rapid change.

It’s the Singletrack awards fiasco time again. This year they are refusing to allow votes for mailorder only shops, presumably in the hope that if they ignore them they’ll all go away quietly. Yet again it makes me realise how good people like Chainreaction are and what a bunch of whinging fuckwits some bike shop owners are.

There was a rant on Bikebiz the other week because a website deigned to start selling a few parts online. They were only selling about half-a-dozen fairly specialist parts, yet this factoid seemed incapable of penetrating the brain of the one person who proceeded to rant about “cowboy” operations, liability insurance and other ridiculous things. You’d think the act of that site selling these few parts was going to bring about the instant demise of the entire cycle trade.

The Bikebiz cabal will probably be after my blood now but what the hell.

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