After a failed attempt last

After a failed attempt last Friday, my new Timbuk2 Pee Wee has arrived (I already have a Dee Dog). The Dee Dog was proving too big for most daily use, but I was so impressed I decided to get another smaller model. I’ll give it a mini-review in a few weeks when it’s had some use, but expect a glowing report.

I was back to commuting on the Inbred today after rebuilding the E4 at the weekend. It needed rebuilding after it leaked fluid everywhere when I bled it. It still leaked everywhere this time, but I had new pads ready for when I’d finished. Unlike last time I rode it, it was nice to actually slow down when I pulled on the front brake.

Now the clocks have changed, post-work riding is a possibility (I’m not too keen on solo night-rides), hopefully it will be dry enough to get a ride in on Wednesday or Thursday this week, although the weather forecast is a bit iffy at the moment. Tonight would have been a good evening to ride, but I’m off to play a skittles match in an hour or so. Lunchtime riding is a possibility as well, but my former lunchtime riding partner has moved on to pastures new, and no-one else in the department is stupid enough to want to go and ride mountainbikes. The fools.

And finally (as they say on the news), I’ve had to make yet another new hole in my belt as it was too big. Thats the third (or is it the fourth) in the last 6 months or so. At the going rate, by next summer I’ll be able to fit into the Nema shorts I won at SSWC2K+1 for being the worlds fattest singlespeeder.

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