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The streets of Preston are no longer safe

Matt has passed his driving test. Congratulations Matt, thank god I live lots of miles away :)

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I’m gonna scream and shout til my dying breath

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Yay, yay, and thrice yay.

I managed to lose 8.5lbs in the last four weeks – Yay. I’m off to the The Damned in a short while – Yay. And to tide me over, I’ve just started listening to I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue … Continue reading

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After a gap of several years, I finally have the ability to play my collection of vinyl again. After a minor cabling hiccup resulting in monophonic sound, everything worked perfectly. First track played: Kill Your Television – Neds Atomic Dustbin

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The new copy of Dirt fell through the door today. Why the hell must they make it so fucking difficult to read? Everything is printed in miniscule text (maybe they should supply a free magnifying glass), on multicoloured backgrounds (which … Continue reading

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Mornington Crescent

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue is great isn’t it? A veritable chucklesome 30 minutes of comedic genius. And to start off… Embankment.

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Oh well

Chainreaction just rang to say the shorts I ordered last week were out of stock, so they’ve sent the top on it’s own. Guess I’ll have to buy this years version from the LBS instead then.

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Fettling (still)

Just for fun, I turned my MZ-R500 minidisc into a pseudo MZ-R900. You’ve got to love mass production which means features are turned on and off by EEPROM settings. Not sure I’ll actually use any of the new functionality though. … Continue reading

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It turns out that they were working at the camp site this morning, only they’d cunningly left the gate locked and hidden their cars. I just had a call asking what happened to me, as I was spotted driving past. … Continue reading

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Fettling part 3

Went up to the Scout campsite this morning for our supposed 9:30 start, no one else turned up so I came home again. I wasn’t too bothered as it gave me a chance to finish tweaking computers. I transplanted the … Continue reading

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