I’m gonna scream and shout til my dying breath

Just got home from seeing The Damned at the Bristol Bierkeller, and they were fucking amazing.

It was the first proper gig I’d been to in more years that I care to mention, and to be honest, the Bierkeller hasn’t changed since I was last there a decade or so back, they might have cleaned the toilets though.

It was a superb night, just watching the tension and anticipation in the crowd rise as Captain Sensible and Patricia Morrison worked their way around the stage during Smash It Up (Part 1) was almost worth the ticket price itself, and when David Vanian erupted from behind the obligatory Marshall amp stack for Smash It Up (Part 2), the whole place literally exploded, much as it had done for New Rose 10 minutes earlier.

Shame I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.

Disco Man
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
See Her Tonite
13th Floor Vendetta
Born To Kill
Street of Dreams
Would You Be So Hot
Neat Neat Neat (Break on Thro’)
History of the World
New Rose
Love Song
Smash It Up
Looking At You.


The new copy of Dirt fell through the door today.

Why the hell must they make it so fucking difficult to read? Everything is printed in miniscule text (maybe they should supply a free magnifying glass), on multicoloured backgrounds (which obliterates random words), and often at 45o. OK, I admit the pictures are nice, but please make the words readable, or leave them out altogether. Hell, just going up a point size or two would make a massive difference.

Fettling (still)

Just for fun, I turned my MZ-R500 minidisc into a pseudo MZ-R900. You’ve got to love mass production which means features are turned on and off by EEPROM settings. Not sure I’ll actually use any of the new functionality though.

Today is the first day I’ve not ridden to work for ages, it was just too wet to ride. And before certain people I won’t name start off on a rant about fair-weather cyclists who turn to the car as soon as there is a spot of rain, I’ll point out that I walked instead and that I’ve not driven to work for several years (other than for out-of-hours visits).


It turns out that they were working at the camp site this morning, only they’d cunningly left the gate locked and hidden their cars. I just had a call asking what happened to me, as I was spotted driving past. Never mind.

I’ve just got back in from a quick ride. It started and finished in sunshine, but there was a 10 minute downpour about 3/4 of the way round. The front brake was no better than before, which is annoying. All the rain had softened the ground nicely makeing some of it nice and grippy, and other bits a tad slippy, but it was a fun ride nevertheless.

Fettling part 3

Went up to the Scout campsite this morning for our supposed 9:30 start, no one else turned up so I came home again. I wasn’t too bothered as it gave me a chance to finish tweaking computers. I transplanted the disks and memory from old-cartman (Digital Venturis, P233MMX) into new-cartman (Compaq Deskpro, P2-300) with a reasonable amount of success, I just need to wait for it to finish compiling a suitable kernel, and then it’s finished.