Well I finally caved in

Well I finally caved in and ordered a new PC, my aging dual-celeron machine is getting more and more unreliable.

I’ve ordered an Athlon 2000 with 512MB RAM, 80GB disc, Aluminium screwless case, DVD reader. I’ll have to donate the CD-RW and Matrox graphics card from existing machines and sort out an ethernet card.

I also popped down to PC World (for my sins) and picked up a new Microsoft Natural Keyboard, and Trackball Explorer. Depsite your opinions on Microsoft’s software, they do make by far the best keyboards and mice/trackballs. I refuse to use anything else.

All being well, the new machine will become my main XP desktop, the current dual-celeron with get rebuilt and have FreeBSD installed. I should then be able to retire one of the aging Pentium based machines.

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