It’s summer already.

The weather is too good to waste sitting in work. Shame it won’t last until the long bank-holiday weekend.

Had an apologetic email from the couriers this morning saying that they have requested the log-sheet from the driver to check the discrepancy in the delivery times. Hopefully he’ll get a good kicking as he was a miserable sod.

I must chase up the missing parts for the case later. If they can’t get them to me for tomorrow, I’ll send this one back and pop down PC World and buy one. I can’t be bothered to wait until next week for the parts to arrive.

From my extensive testing, well from commuting to work for the last two days, I can exclusively reveal that listening to the Dead Kennedys makes you ride faster. This may only work for Plastic Surgery Disasters though, as I haven’t got any further through the disc yet.

Maybe the jeyboys have got it all wrong? Instead of worrying about rolling resistance and shaving their legs, they should be deliberating over what music goes best with different types of course.

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