So that was Easter.

Had a quiet day. Partially stripped Bluescreen (old XP workstation), overclocked the processors a bit more, and resurrected it as Batfink, running FreeBSD 5.0 .

Went for an explore on the Jack Flash for an hour. Maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places, but Bath is devoid of anywhere suitable for a bit of urban play riding.

Went to put the freshly patched rear wheel onto the Stiffee, only to find that the front was mostly flat again. I suspected it had a slow puncture.

To cut a long story short, I removed 4 thorns from the tyre, and patched the 4 matching holes in the tube. I’ll bin the tube next time it punctures.

The ride is sorted for tomorrow, Matt is coming out as well which will make three. I’ve got a route planned, mostly similar to Fridays ride, but with a different route back from North Stoke village. Should be fun. It’ll be strange riding with other people again.

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