Too late

The deed is done.

New RaceFace shorts and top are on the way.

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3 Responses to Too late

  1. matt says:

    i was on a driving lesson, so could not help you.. i am sorry… however, it’s bikeshow time, so your order might be slow arriving like last year. what RF shorts did you get?

    my 11 dvd’s arrives thos morning.. WHOO that’s the weekend sorted (i r dullard)

  2. rich says:

    Just normal summer baggies, nothing amazingly special. They aren’t mentioning anything about delays, but it’s gonna be too wet to need them this weekend anyway.

    So, major DVD veg-fest this weekend. Will you actually leave the sofa at all?

  3. matt says:

    I have to do some decorating, but to be honest that will tire me quickly then i will vege… OH YEAH
    i need to go shopping too.. this working-during-the-week thing is odd :-)