Spent part of the afternoon fettling bikes.

Bled the front brake on the Stiffee, made a total fuck-up of it twice, but got there in the end. Not sure it’s much of an improvement though. Went to remove the outer 44T ring and replace it with a bashring. Removed all the parts, cleaned everything up, only to find that a Truvativ bashring won’t fit on RaceFace cranks. Arse. LBS didn’t have any 4bolt bashrings in stock at all so the chainring went back on again.

Then I tried to work out what was making the funny noise on the Inbred, I think it’s down to a slightly kinked disc rotor so I gave up on that and fitted a shiny new chain as it still had the original one on there. It looks better anyway.

Not the most successful of afternoons, but such is life.

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