Fettling (still)

Just for fun, I turned my MZ-R500 minidisc into a pseudo MZ-R900. You’ve got to love mass production which means features are turned on and off by EEPROM settings. Not sure I’ll actually use any of the new functionality though.

Today is the first day I’ve not ridden to work for ages, it was just too wet to ride. And before certain people I won’t name start off on a rant about fair-weather cyclists who turn to the car as soon as there is a spot of rain, I’ll point out that I walked instead and that I’ve not driven to work for several years (other than for out-of-hours visits).

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1 Response to Fettling (still)

  1. matt says:

    well done for walking to work.
    I knew you would anyway.
    If everyone removed car journeys of less than a few minutes the world would be a safer place, and more fun, everyone should ride a bike, bikes are great (except when it’s totally chucking it down).