Still sore and scabby.

No riding today, partly due to a lengthy hangover, however I did do plenty of fettling.

Fitted a new 32t Goldtec chainring to the Inbred and tweaked the drivetrain a bit. Repaired a puncture on the Stiffee and poked/prodded the forks. Then I swapped the bars between the Inbred and Stiffee. The Inbred now has the low-rise EA50’s and the Stiffee has the 2″ rise Azonic World Force. If, as I suspect, the higher bars suit the Stiffee, then I’ll get a set of RaceFace or Azonic Double-Walls for it.

Hopefully I’ll take the Stiffee out for a spin tomorrow.


Why do people seem to get so worked up about the “ethos” of singlespeeds? Always talking about “keeping it real”, or worrying whether their choice of shonky fork might offend someone.

Some advice for these people: Who cares what other people think, do what you want and not what you think other people would prefer you to do. By all means ask advice, but learn to make decisions for yourself (something very few people seem capable of these days).

I think it’s time for a new motto.

Singlespeed – it’s just another fucking bike

I like my singlespeed bike a lot, but I don’t treat it any differently to any of my other gear equipped bikes. I don’t suddenly get worried that I’ll be ostracised for having unsuitable forks, the wrong shirt, the wrong tyres, or the wrong attitude. I just ride the thing.


Hopefully I’ve sorted out the missing sleeping bag liner, apparently the offer went up before they arrived, and they’ll send me one when they do. My new memory stick also hasn’t arrived, it took Expansys a day to pack the order so didn’t manage next-day delivery. Hopefully I’ll get that tomorrow.

I’m also tyre hunting for the Stiffee, Nokian NBX’s look a possibility at the moment.

Bikes are still great

My head cleared up enough to head out for a ride about 7:45ish, and I’m glad I did. I managed to power up every climb a gear or two higher than usual, and everything felt good. I took quite a few pics whilst I was out and about, and managed to break the damping on my Fox Vanilla’s although 5 minutes with a 2mm allen key seems to have cured that.

All I need to do now is sort out the photos, then have a quick shower to wash the blood off my legs.

Did I say that bikes were great?


My new sleeping bag finally arrived, although the “free” liner was absent which could mean that the offer had expired, although they have recently changed the order page to allow you to specify the free liner, which would tend to indicate that they still have stock. I’ll wait to see what customer services say before kicking up more of a fuss.

I was going to go for a ride tonight, but seem to have developed a headache, so I’m not sure I’ll go. I’ll leave it an hour or so and see if my head feels better.


Spent most of the day at my parents for my nephew’s birthday party. The weather was nice enough for us to have a bbq in the garden, and I took loads of pictures with the digital camera. I’m getting used to it slowly. An additional memory stick will be on it’s way as soon as I can sort out why Expansys think they haven’t got the credit card details I supplied.

This evening I did the “sad loner” bit and went to the cinema on my own to see The Matrix Reloaded, definately a good film, but seemingly more of a build-up to The Matrix Revolutions than a story in it’s own right. Roll on 7th November when, hopefully, all will be revealed.

Update: It seems the card expiry date was missing from the order details. Not sure how that happened.