It’s just not cricket

It appears that Bath Rugby and Bristol Shoguns are in “exploratory discussions” over potentially merging. Presumably this is a safety net in case, as looks likely, one or other of them gets relegated at the end of the season.

As a Bath born & bred sporadic supporter, I’d think be a bit annoyed if the two teams merged and buggered off to play somewhere else (Ashton Gate), although if that’s what it takes for Bath to survive, then so be it.

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2 Responses to It’s just not cricket

  1. matt says:

    merging of any sporting clubs is bad.. but whenever there is a chance one may get relegated they wheel out this type of story to make the supporters come to the matches and kick up a fuss etc, etc..

  2. rich says:

    They deliberately didn’t announce this until after the tickets for Sunday’s match at Ashton Gate had already sold out.

    Apparently it’s will be the biggest attendance at a premiership league came since it turned professional.