Chicks dig scars

Another ace ride. The weather was superb again today, so I headed out on the bike about lunchtime. I started off on the usual uni-bike route, but took a different route through the woods behind the Uni and paid a visit to Team Schnoodle HQ. I then did a bit of exploring in the woods below the downs. I found the beginnings of a rather naughty slalom course in the woods, whilst it doesn’t look too bad, it is noticable from the top, and they’ve cut a big square of land out for make the berms with. I suspect it won’t be there much longer. I then took a rather random route down to the village, and rather wish I hadn’t, both forearms and my right hand are lacerated by thorns, and rather bloody. My lower legs survived the thorns slightly better, but suffered at the hands (or rather the pegs) of my 24Seven Slack pedals.

No doubt my arms will be sore tomorrow, but it’s all in a good cause as we all know that chicks dig scars.

Don’t they?

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3 Responses to Chicks dig scars

  1. matt says:

    yeah, but not fat bald blokes ;O)

  2. rjw says:

    I was going to keep quiet about that and hope they didn’t notice.