Back in the ‘hood

After 9 months in the wilderness, I have once again seen the light, followed the one true path, and returned to the ‘hood.

Yes, I now have Bombers on my Inbred again.

I’d dug the Z4’s back out again in preparation for the SS Euros next month. Riding 20 miles at Thetford on a rigid singlespeed might have been too much, so I changed the oil in them yesterday and refitted them this morning. I’ll still take the Knifens along to Thetford in case I change my mind and decided to “go rigid” as it were.

Anyway, no real riding today. The weather was too crap this morning, although is warm and very humid now, and I have to go and pick someone up from the arse-end of Bristol a little later.

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1 Response to Back in the ‘hood

  1. matt says:

    cool dude…
    welcome back

    i rode with a headache (possibly a fizzypop hangover).. it was wet and fun.