I hate computers

Worked late to upgrade our external bandwidth, should only have taken 30 minutes. 5 hours later I gave up and went home.

First the firewall decided to disappear up it’s own arse necessitating a headless-chicken session followed by a rebuild. Then the router change seemed to go ok, but external routing died a death, we switched back to the old router and old connection, and it was still fucked.

Eventually bits sprang back to life leaving us with the old connection, and a partially fucked firewall.

I hate it when a plan falls apart.

Another fecking puncture

Just noticed the back tyre on the Stiffee was flat again, at least it was a thorn this time rather than a shitty tyre. Anyway, the tube is patched, and freehub lubed (much quieter now), and the cassette sort of cleaned. All things which help make a happy bike.

When I was changing the oil in the forks earlier I took the opportunity to look at the headset, a rather nice Hope Enduro. Hope dropped the Enduro headset pretty quickly and carried on with just the XC, not sure why. This particular headset has been on the bike since I got it about 19 months ago, and hasn’t been touched at all unless the LBS did anything when they fitted the Forx 13 months ago. Even after that time, the grease was still perfectly clean and there was no dirt to be found anywhere other than the outside. Some people may say that’s a sign that I don’t ride enough, they may have a point, but I prefer to think of it as superlative sealing and design.

Note to the BBC: You are meant to be showing coverage of all of the Glastonbury festival, not just the Flaming Lips. Every time I turn over to the coverage on BBC3 or BBC2, there they are again. I’m getting a bit fed up with it now.

200 miles and counting

Went for another ride today, did a bit of exploring on the way round to have a look down a bridleway I’d not ridden. Found some steep wooded bits, but it’s probably not worth the effort really.

The ride conveniently turned out to be 13.25 miles which took me up to a nice even 200 miles this month.

After eating I decided to change the oil in the Fox Forx, it’s amazing how shitty the oil can get, the oil I removed was gunky and grey, the fresh oil was nice and clear.

Afternoons off rock

It was nice and sunny today so, in expectation of a delivery from Chainreaction, I took the afternoon off. Not long after I got back Parcelforce arrived with my new Nokian NBX 2.3’s which promptly made their way on to the Stiffee. After a quick trip to the tip and home via my parents, I headed out.

I did the usual Unibike route, popping into the LBS on the way home for more tubes and a RaceFace baseball cap to protect my freshly shaved scalp.

As for the NBX’s, well sorry Conti Verts, you’ve just been relegated to second best.

The NBX’s are slightly narrower than the Verts they replaced and don’t roll quite as well on road, but seem to perform better once you hit the dirt. I was riding a little more carefully so I could find their limits, but they do seem to grip better than the basic Conti Verts they replaced. Admittedly that may also be down to the change from steel bead to Aramid bead tyres, differing tyre pressure, the phase of the moon, or the change in the weather.

I’m not going to rush out and throw away my 5 remaining verts, but as they wear out, I suspect they will be replaced with Nokian NBX’s.

I think I’ll now go and laze in the garden with a book and a cold drink.

Mutant hack bike time

I got home from work and the weather was looking a bit suspect so I decided to fettle.

First I partially stripped and cleaned the front E4 brake from the Stiffee, then decided to build up the hack bike I’d been contemplating for a while.

I dug out all the parts and in the end it only took about 90 minutes to build. I’ll probably try it out on the commute to work tomorrow to see how it handles.

Memories are made of vinyl

For the first time in ages, I’m relieving some of my youth and listening to some old(ish) records on vinyl. Currently spinning on the turntable is Feel The Darkness by Poison Idea. I’ve not heard this for a good 5 years or so.

I have a suspicion that the neighbours may unwillingly become acquainted with 80’s/90’s hardcore over the next few weeks. There is plenty of Dead Kennedys/Minor Threat/Fugazi/Poison Idea/Bad Brains/D.R.I./Circle Jerks/etc to go around.