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Why me?

A disk just failed in the temporary replacement mail server. What did I do to deserve this? It must have been something really really fucking awful. I think I’m off to have a nervous breakdown.

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My DECT phone started playing up a couple of days ago, so I took it back tonight and got a full refund of £60, then popped to the shop next door and picked up a triple-pack of the same handset … Continue reading

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Just to bring a shitty end to a really shitty day, it’s just started raining. Could it actually get any worse? I’m off to hit things. Very hard.

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Local TV for local people

Blimey Charlie, that was a surprise. Sky have finally provided regional BBC channels, that means no more poor quality pictures due to the pathetic reception I get here.

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TAG McLaren Audio is going titsup. Nice kit, shame about the prices.

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How slow?

Status: Your order has been accepted and is awaiting processing. 23/07/2003[11:50:43] Your order has been picked, and is awaiting despatch. 23/07/2003[16:56:09] Your order has been despatched by Parcel Force/Royal Mail 29/07/2003[10:25:26] Nearly six days to actually dispatch a package which … Continue reading

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Mystery of the day

Apparently there is a parcel waiting for me nextdoor. I have no idea what it is, the only thing it could be apparently hasn’t been shipped yet. I’ll just have to wait for my neighbour to get home so I … Continue reading

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A new lease of life

It’s amazing how much better the Inbred feels with a new bottom bracket and new pedals fitted. It’s virtually silent again, and just feels a lot more solid. I might take it for a longer ride this evening if the … Continue reading

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Another day, another hangover, another puncture.

Story of my life really.

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Useless mechanic

Decided to increase the rebound damping on th Z4’s this morning. This is adjusted internally and I managed to drop the allen key down inside the fork not once but twice. At least it gave me a reason to change … Continue reading

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