Bicycle therapy

The last couple of days at work have been really shitty, so I decided I needed to go out for a ride tonight. The weather didn’t look too promising, but I went anyway.

The good bits:

My fitness is improving, I rode everything a gear or two higher than usual.
The Fox Forx are back to full working order, with a full 105mm of super-plush travel.

The bad bits:

The rain. Absolutely torrential from about half-way round. Coming off the hill through the woods, I was riding along an inch-deep river instead of a path. I got totally soaked.
The rain managed to wash 6 months worth of stale sweat out of my helmet pads and down my face, so there was a constant stream of salty water running into my mouth, which actually made me feel sick towards the end of the ride.

Despite that, it was still damn good fun, and the stresses and strains of the last few days have vanished into thin air, or more precisely, very wet air.

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3 Responses to Bicycle therapy

  1. Olly says:

    Yay for bikes!

    You should wash your helmet pads more often. I find putting them in a sock is a surefire way of not losing them in the machine. It can be hard to figure out which sock it is afterwards though ;-)

  2. grant says:

    Rich in “ingesting salty liquid” shock.

  3. matt says:

    Grant in “crap humour” shock!